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Respect, trust and open communication are the foundations of strong families. Taekwondo training promotes values such as honesty, courtesy, loyalty, and cooperation. Each is an essential component in maintaining a good family structure and empowering each student.

MT. Kim Martial Arts provides quality instruction and service with a view towards the overall health and well-being of every participant.

Our philosophy ensures that learning will take place in a safe, nurturing environment. We care about our students, families, and staff. We provide a supportive environment for learning and personal growth.

  • Enjoy sharing a positive activity together and with others
  • Better communication amongst yourself, family, and others
  • Teaches cooperation
  • Respect, Discipline, Focus, and Confidence
  • Maintain physical in one activity, all in the same place and time
  • Families never have far to go to find a willing training partner. Quality time spent together will take on a whole new meaning.
  • Special rates available for family groups in martial arts


Taekwondo philosophy emphasizes respect for others, humility, gentleness, peace, and self-control. Improve these character traits together with the class and Instructors.


  • Safe and fun for all ages
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Get and stay physically fit and gain greater flexibility and understanding of your body
  • Maintain confidence and vigor
  • Develop a fresh mind and a more meaningful life
  • Look and feel more energized than ever.



Taekwondo has something for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Each person starts from wherever they are now and progresses at their own pace to accomplish goals far beyond their original expectations.

Mountain Kim Martial Arts. “Our Goal Is To Earn A Black Belt. Now or Never.”

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