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B4/After School

A+ B4/After School Program


-Best Confidence in School Year!-

* Constructive alternative to day care.
* Structured days filled with games, sports, reading/homework time, arts & crafts, and much more.
* An exciting, educational, and confidence inspiring school year.
* Martial Arts instruction that will teach discipline, concentration, and self-defense.

-After School-

Are you looking for a safe and fun, but also educational environment for before and after school care? We pay close attention to our students’ academic improvements and their behavior at school/home. A strong body is nothing without a strong mind!

Don’t settle for day care when you can have so much more. In our after school martial arts programs, students improve discipline, increase respect, build self-confidence, and improve their grades. Our program is affordable, fun, and educational. We pick your child up from school and transport them to our studio. After School Care days are filled with indoor sports, arts & crafts, constructive games, character building exercises. Students then undergo martial arts lessons which is then followed by study time where students are asked to work on their homework assigned by their teacher.

Pick-up time is between 4:15PM ~ 7:15PM!

Our After School Martial Arts Program provides a martial arts education which teaches discipline, respect, self-control, concentration, goal setting, positive thinking, and – of course – self-defense. It helps the children get healthy, well-balanced physical exercise while improb4after-pic2ving self-confidence. Thus it is the perfect character-building education to supplement their academic education.

Convenient Camp Days

What does this exactly mean?
Unlike many other programs, Mt. Kim Martial Arts accommodates for “Teacher Work Days”, federal holidays, and school closings due to inclement weather and provide all day camps from
6:30AM ~ 7:00PM!

Send your child(ren) to us for the day to have fun with games, movies, and Taekwondo class! But don’t worry, we will also have a set time for reading, studying, and homework!

** Safety is our top priority!! You are more than welcome to come and visit us to take a view of our facility, meet our staff members, and watch our classes! **