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Adult & Teenager TKD

Adult/Family/Teenager TKD


MT. Kim’s Taekwondo programs help you develop and maintain a sound body and mind, and increase your abilities at self-defense and control.

“Do you want to get fit and become in shape? Need to kick out stress from life? Tired of self-motivated gym exercise? Do you want to share continuous quality time with your family?”

Come here to find out the awesome benefits of Martial Arts training. Great to be in shape!

Are you tired of training yourself at gym? How boring is it to repeat the same weight lifting routine and run on treadmills?

Try our Taekwondo program – You will feel better and healthier! You will be busy keeping your body active by learning many different Martial Arts movements and have fun with all sorts of exercise activities. Adult’s TKD will be very somewhat similar to Children’s TKD but, simply, it’s a program with more focus given to progressing in stretching and cardiovascular exercises.

In Taekwondo, the primary focus is the lower body. Leg training and core strengthening is central to TKD. By training these muscles, you can increase your metabolism. These muscles will pump the blood stored in your legs due to gravity to increase blood circulation, help you lose weight, and improve your stamina. Additionally, through the stances used and the forms executed, you’re also working the core muscles in your abdomen and the muscles in your arms.

adultteen-tkdAwesome Stress-Relief!

Do you need somewhere to vent your stress from work, home, or life? Kicking and punching targets, and meditation will help you better manage your stress levels and your life! Come have your very own unique and special time for yourself.


Great Self-Defense Techniques

Taekwondo training will teach you traditional martial arts techniques: a lot of striking and blocking with hands, basic throwing and twisting joints, and kicking with legs. You will have the most efficient and effective self-defense techniques. You will also learn how to protect your body from injury with techniques such as the proper way to fall and recover to handling unexpected dangerous situations.


Quality Time With Your Family

It’s a great way to have some valuable and rewarding family time! Have fun together and enjoy the awesome benefits of Taekwondo training. Our ‘Adult/Teen TKD’ Program may just be the perfect fit for the whole family. Every individual student will get something different out of our training. This program will give you the highest level of instruction and great fitness. This will be perfect for teanagers who don’t want to take class with boring exercises and with little kids.


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